SyncBird-macOS app

Recently, Apple has removed its iOS App Store which causes a lot of problems for iOS and macOS users. Few of those problems are related to iOS sync and iTunes cleaning. But, users can overcome these challenges by using a suitable macOS app named as “SyncBird.”

SyncBird is specially designed to solve these common issues, and it is one of the most influential and useful tools that can give you a good experience of Apple device.

You may be wondering that what are most common problems that SynncBird can resolve. One of them is that many users often receive errors while trying to copy music to their iPhones. Of course, removal of App Store leaves a lot of app’s junk files on your iPhone.

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Moreover, users cannot be able to sync apps or ringtones to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. SyncBird lets you transfer music, photos, videos and everything among iPhone, iPad, iPod, and mac without iTunes.

SyncBird is “All in One” software that provides following essential and helpful features at one place.

Flash Sync and 4k Support:

Flash Sync is one of the most important and convenient features that everyone wants to have. Through SyncBird, you can enjoy a better experience of content management in iOS devices.

SyncBird is also providing efficient use of Flash/SSD storage along with an option of  “Add-to-iPhone” feature, which will be highlighted immediately.

As most of the iOS devices are having A10 and M10 co-processors, Which allows them to provide a 4k video playback and therefore, it was difficult to move them to your iPhone. But, SyncBird now lets you copy your 4k videos to your iPhone in a go.

Auto Conversion and Two-way Sync:

Sometimes, you find it hard to convert your favourite movies and videos into a particular format like .m4v, .mp4, and .mov.

Now, SyncBird is offering you a most natural and most straightforward way to convert your videos into a format that supported on Apple devices, without facing complex problems.

 SyncBird Auto Conversion and Two-way Sync

Two-way sync is a unique feature offered by SyncBird, as on iTunes there is only One-way sync, this limitation causes sync process to slow down.

With the use of SyncBird, you can be able to send and receive all of your iOS contents, music, videos, photos to/from your iPhone, which is much faster as compared to iTunes.

Drag-n-Drop and Unlimited Import:

You may find it very irritating to copy one file and then perform some operations to paste that in another place.

For your comfort, SyncBird offers you an extraordinary feature named as “Drag-n-Drop”. This feature seems more natural and straightforward as compared to all other methods.

Only you need to drag particular content and drop it at its destination. You can also be able to import all your stuff without going through iTunes.

“Unlimited imports” feature now lets you transfer your songs and movies to/from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod from repetitious iTunes library located on various PCs.

Other Features

Besides this, SyncBird also provides some new exciting features that let you free up your device occupied by orphan files. Let’s have a look at the functions that are offered by SyncBird.

Phone Care and Tunes Clean:

Oftenly, you may have encountered a notification, that pops up on the iPhone screen while you are trying to take a snap or downloading a new game.

The notification warns you about the storage space by telling that your storage is almost full. SyncBird facilitates you with a feature “Phone Care”  that cleans all types of junk files including Temp files, iTunes cache, and app’s orphan files.

SyncBird phone care

It frees a lot of your device space without deleting useful things on your device. Along with this, SyncBird also features “Tunes Clean”. Tunes Clean works to remove the unwanted data from iTunes library.

SyncBird tune clean

It is easy and simple to wipe out all useless data regarding Antiquated Device Backups, Disrupted Downloads, Old Software Updates and all other junks that are occupying hard drive’s space.


This macOS app is singularly versatile, which consists of extraordinary collections of photos and wallpapers. Besides this, it also allows you to make customized ringtones.

SyncBird backgound

SyncBird also contains Background image gallery displays in a random order, which you can control and manage using latest Preference panel.

It is a fascinating macOS app that allows you to add music clips to your device and turn them into a .m4a format, as supported by iPhone.


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