Obviously, it is very irritating when you want to have Skype Call or you just want to watch a Netflix movie.

But your computer does not want to support your activity and gives priority to other applications.

You will be annoyed but you have to deal with low-re video feed or just wait for a video to buffer, Dropbox or just wait for a long time to download Windows Update.

Here I am introducing you to SmartByte, a software utility that is pre-installed in numerous Dell Laptops, moreover, it allows you to set priority for the applications that should use your maximum bandwidth.

SmartByte is developed by Rivet Networks, a company best known for developing Killer Networking Wi-Fi card that was being featured in numerous Alienware and Dell laptops.

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SmartByte is really a great software as it automatically identifies the video you are streaming and provides maximum Internet to that video.

This software is enabled by default and it is compatible with Realtek wireless chips as well as Intel’s manufactured chip.

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The Systems constituting Killer Networking cards does not require a SmartByte, as those systems already have built-in network prioritization.

According to Rivet Networks, during testing of a laptop having 10Mbps Internet connection took almost 4 minutes to stream a video of 2-minutes and 13-seconds movie trailer.

During a test, Windows Update took so much bandwidth due to which streaming video halts eight times. And with SmartByte enabled, the movie trailer runs very smoothly.

The company also took a second test, in which they disabled SmartByte and played a Skype video with a resolution of 320 x 180.

When they turned this utility on, the data packets of a video call dropped from 13.6% error rate to zero error rate.

Apparently, SmartByte is not available to numerous end users but if you want to get it then you need to buy Dell System with built-in SmartByte.

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