HP Spectre x360 Review

HP Spectre x360 Review

HP Spectre x360 is a kind of laptop that falls into a category 2-in-1 systems which are preferred by most of the people.

As these machines provide flexibility and intimate usability of a tablet. These laptops are having a fashionable look and feature an Intel Core i7 CPU along with a 4 k display including stylus support according to your choice.

The starting price of HP Spectre x360 is $1,050 and it is remarkably a premium and versatile system at an affordable price.


CPU 2.7-GHz Intel Core i7-7500U CPU
Operating Systems Windows 10 Home
RAM Upgradable to
Hard Drive Size 512GB
Ports (excluding USB) Thunderbolt 3
Hard Drive Type PCIe SSD
Display Size 13.3
Native Resolution 1900 x 1080
Optical Drive None
Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 620
Video Memory Shared
Wi-Fi 802.11ac
Wi-Fi Model 2×2 802.11ac WLAN and Bluetooth
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1
Touchpad Size 4.7 x 2.3
Ports (excluding USB) USB 3.1 with Type-C
USB Ports 3
Warranty/Support 1-year limited warranty/90 days technical supper for software and setup
Size 12.03 x 8.58 x 0.54-inches
Weight 2.85 pounds

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Gorgeous, slim design No SD/microSD card slot
Speedy Intel 7th-Gen CPU, PCIe SSD Hinge could be a tiny bit stiffer
Powerful quad-speaker setup
Wide touchpad, fantastic clicky keyboard
Vibrant, accurate display
Has both USB-A and USB-C ports


HP Spectre x360 is one of the popular 2-in1 HP machine ever introduced by the company.

HP Spectre x360 has a good look due to the introduction of the latest copper and black paint job, known as Ash Silver. As it seems, HP Spectre x360 is one of the accurate machines available in the market.

These laptops’ body is made up of aluminum. Moreover, the company made its edge softer to prevent any damage. Its design is very attractive and beautiful.

HP Spextre x360 Design

The hinges of HP Spectre x360 are bit softer but the machine is good to use when placing it on the table in laptop mode or positioned in a text mode.

However, it is still good to use. If you go and search for any other 2-in-1 laptops than due to all other benefits, the screens of the machine change its position slowly.

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These laptops contain 13.3-inch 1,920 x 1,080 touchscreen and it almost weighs 2.8 pounds and it is thinner than the Dell XPS 13, known as one of the favorite laptops available in the market.

Lenovo Yoga 900s features a smaller 12.5-inch screen but it is still bigger than the HP Spectre x360.


The HP Spectre x360 is having one USB 3.1 Type-A port along with two USB-C port that is capable of supporting Thunderbolt 3 along with power delivery.

Which exhibits that you are having a right monitor for transmitting data and video and revive your system.

HP Spextre x360 connections

One of the traditional features that HP did not modify, is the addition of some sort of SD or microSD card slot.

Most interestingly, the HP Spectre x360 is a just perfect machine for mobile photo-editing and presentation platform.

But, for transferring photos from camera to laptop, users will have to utilize USB cable or an external card reader.

Keyboard And Touchpad

The keyboard of HP Spectres x360 is good and gives a good feel when typing. Its keyboard is flexible and having a suitable distance between the keys.

It is good enough to write reviews on it. The keyboard is backlit and having silver lights and the ambient light from the screen is enough to brighten up the keys in dark place.

But in light rooms, it is much more difficult to read keys. For covering this problem, the company has introduced backlight and for turning it on, you will have to press F5 key.

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When the keyboard is without backlight, the keys shine brighter after pressing F5 key. But, it is annoying when you are using it in a darkroom. HP updated BIOS to turn on this feature, but, Asus failed to do so.


More features include media controls and added more functionality that has been introduced with F keys. The default keys are for media controls and Fn+key will activate the associated F key.

The trackpad of HP Spectre x360 is the first ever trackpad that can compete Apple. The trackpad of HP Spectre x360 is 141mm which is 50% of a width of the unit.

It is a bit shorter than trackpad of the MacBook Pro. But it is as smooth as the trackpad of Macbook trackpad.

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It is having enough free space for leeway and advanced palm detection feature developed by Synaptics, which causes few issues with taps while typing.

You will get a smooth and accurate feel while tapping and typing. No sensitivity or jumpiness problems were observed.

HP Spectre x360  is having well-recognized and easily repeatable multi-touch. Scrolling, zooming, and usage of a touchscreen is very smooth.


HP Spectre x360 is having a bright 13.3 inch and a full-HD display having thin side bezels. The screen of these machines is a great balance that gives these machine an edge over all other 2-in-1 machines. These laptops are bright and colorful, that makes them more luxurious.

HP Spextre x360 Display

The one about which I am writing about is featuring a screen which provides 317 nits of brightness, more perfect as compared to other laptops including Samsung Notebook 9 spin and Lenovo Yoga 900.

The color range of HP Spectre x 360 is impressive as it features 101.7% of sRGB spectrum, a good ratio provided by a laptop indeed.

It is having a Delta-E OF 0.74 which is enough to provide a good color accuracy. As compared to spin 9 and Yoga 900, these machines perform better

HP Spextre x360 Screen

However, if you look for a better version of HP Spectre x360 having a 4k display then you might be able to get a good color collection that offers 131.5 % of sRGB spectrum with brightness set at 205 nits and 1.53. And, it is damn good to see a trailer at 4K resolution.


The company has revoted the older design and introduced features including a latest Intel 7th-generation Kaby Lake CPU.

HP Spectre x360 comes in variants such as Core i7 chip and Core i5 processor chips and more features includes 2.7-GHz Core i7-7500U, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB PCIe SSD-equipped units.

It has a solid performance. It runs really smooth if we open 20 tabs in Google Chrome and perform some other tasks in the meantime.

At Geekbench 3, these laptops score 7933 points, which shows an increase of 16% as compared to the model released last year.

Such high-performance points enable HP Spectre x360 dominates the market against its competitors including Samsung Notebook 9 spin (6,948), the Lenovo Yoga 900 (6,264) and the Yoga 900S (5,343), which are comprising last generation chip of Intel.

HP Spextre x360 performance

PCIe SSD of these systems is incredibly fast, when transferring files including media files from DVD to SSD, these speeds transfer files at the rate of 318 megabytes per second.

Which is faster as compared to rival laptops available in the market including spin 9 and Yoga 900, who produces almost 173 MBps and 181 MBps of files transfer speed.

The file transfer speed of this laptop is 318. Which is approximately equal to that of Microsoft’s Surface Book.

Moreover, there is an enormous increase in graphics performance of HP Spectre x360. These laptops score 920 points at 3DMark’s benchmark. Which is almost 14% more than its predecessor released last year.

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At a resolution of 1920 x 1080, these laptops are capable of playing 40 frames per second.

However, these laptops are still one of the best gaming laptops available in the market. Because these machines feature HD Graphics 620 integrated graphics. Although we can’t foresee them as full-time gaming systems.


HP Spectre x360 is featuring a quad-speaker setup, developed by Bang & Olufsen, which is capable of delivering a good listening experience in any fashion.

These laptops include two speakers located under the grille between the keyboard and the hinge. While the other two speakers are located on both bottom sides of the laptop.

The speakers produce louder, impressive and powerful volume. Which we can easily hear in a large room.

Moreover, there is no any type of hissing or distortion noise when playing the audio/video at max level. The quad speakers perform extraordinary when the user plays French DJ’s funky bass.

Battery Life

HP Spectre x360 is having a superb battery life. The battery lasts for 10 hours and 45 minutes if we play 720p video on loop at 120cd/m screen brightness with all visual set to minimum.

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The discharge battery rate of these laptops is 3600mW and 7200mW. The battery life of HP Spectre x360 reduces approximately 1 hour and 30mins. If we perform web-surfing, the laptop lasts for almost 8 hours and 36 minutes.

If we compare it with other 2-in-1 ultra-books including Lenovo Yoga 900 and Samsung spin 9. Both of them have a battery life of 7 hours 57 minutes and 5 hours and 38 minutes respectively.

Speed and features
85 %
80 %
83 %
Portability (size / weight)
71 %
Battery life
98 %
80 %
Design and form factor
93 %
85 %
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