The Asus ROG G752VM is among the top laptops that are offering one of Nvidia’s graphics card’s new generation. Therefore, you can be able to enjoy desktop gaming performance on a normal laptop.

Well, if you are expecting, you can save money on these laptops then it is not possible. Because these laptops are really expensive.

Asus ROG G752VM Price:

The Asus RoG G752VM is now available on Amazon for £1599. The laptop features an Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU, Nvidia GTX 1060 CPU, 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, and a 1 TB hard drive.

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The machine is also consisting of GTX 1070 GPU and which cost you almost £2299. Well, if you are able to increase your budget and worried about fps figures, these laptops are having top-end Nvidia GTX 1080 cards.

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However, there exists an option for you if you found it too expensive. The Asus ROG FX502VM is now available for £1399 with a 3GB GTX 1060 card and a less adept cooling system. But, it is slim and even light in weight.


Asus ROG G752VM is found to be more interesting with the latest gen graphics hardware. But its design is similar to that of the G752 older model without  Nvidia’s 10 series GPU.

Asus ROG G752VM charger

The machine is having an angular two-tone keyboard. The Matrix-like keyboard font and red keyboard backlight indicate that these laptops are not there to check the emails on Starbucks.

This laptop is not portable because it is very heavy and big in size. The laptop is 43mm thick and 4.06 kg in weight.

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The 17-inch screen footprint will make you tired because you will have to take it room to room. Well, if you want to enjoy the things for a long time then you need to buy a smaller and lighter in weight.

Asus ROG G752VM design

It is similar to all of the gaming laptops, which are largely made up of high-quality plastic rather than normal metal as used in ordinary machines.

In the laptops, the lid is coated with brushed aluminum for giving the extra touch to the show. The lid is featuring a color strip and logo which makes it look more beautiful and attracts gamer towards it.

However, these lights can be turned off if you don’t like them. These laptops can be a good alternative to the desktop as these laptops are large in size. The screen and the frame make the laptops perfect for every situation.

Connectivity and Ports:

Four USB 3.0 has also been part of the laptops, two on each side. The USB-C allows you to connect your peripheral devices with the laptops.

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In the future, the company may install another USB-C after killing one of the ports. But right now, it is not going to happen.

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Full-size HDMI, mini Display Port, and a Gigabit Ethernet socket also a part of the laptop. Asus ROG G752VM is having a separate mic for a good array of audio connectors and also has a headphone jack of 3.5mm.

SPDIF output is also there to let you connect your digital headset without connecting USB. It is having a Blu-ray drive and a tray loader optical drive for the DVD multi-writer.


The screen of Asus ROG G752VM may not attract you as like the other gaming laptops. The screen is a 17.3-inch display and providing a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

You may observe that the icon text look is pixellated as the resolution is switched to 1080 pixels on the monitor screen.

Although, the GTX 1060 is having the graphic card which supports the 1080p gaming and is also capable of providing good graphics in the games.

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Well, if you have a desire to play ultra-high resolution games, then you should consider Asus ROG GC800 containing an Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU and also providing the option of the 4K screen.

This is a good screen and having solid color along with matt screen finish. Maximum brightness is at 34cd/ms which is very good.

Asus ROG G752VM screen

The color and the contrast performance are good enough to attract the users but not impressive design as needed to dominate the market.

The Virtual Machine is having 85% of the Standard RGB, but at this price, you may get 100%. At 62.5 and 71.5%, the RGB and DCI P3 standard coverage is good and has been providing sRGB coverage.

But the small problem is about contrast. Because at 569, it is just good but at higher brightness the screen displays a slight blue color, thus giving the blueish mix to the graphics. However, it is still a perfect screen for the games.

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G-sync, Nvidia’s hardware-powered alternative to V-sync, has also been a part of the display and halts the ugly hearings in the game and also providing you the performance benefits over V-sync.

Keyboard and Keyboard:

These laptops are capable of providing pure performance. The company has also paid attention to keyboard and trackpad.

In the previous G-series laptops, the keyboard keys are much wider than the normal one. This style makes typing more easy and comfortable.

Above the standard key set, a full numeric pad along with custom buttons are settled down. This boot-up the five customizable macro buttons accompanied by XSplit Gamemaster video streaming software.

Therefore, you can be able to customize or set the key sequence according to your taste and boosting the competitive gaming.

The NUM pad is also containing a feature named as ROG button which allows you to launch the gaming center app and let you know about the CPU and GPU working and gives them the information about how hot they are at the time.

The keyboard is capable of registering up almost 30 keypresses at once. This feature can be tested by a smash on the keyboard but just keep it in mind that no keypress should be missed.

The machine’s mouse buttons also provide the feel of the keyboard and they have been settled down rather than being developed into the pad.

The oversized pads have been reduced to the normal size but with the lighter feel and having miniaturized space bars.

This allows users to tap it easier and even faster. This gives a bit of relief to the users from the awkward feeling of mouse layouts.

Actually, the pad is too large but it is frustrating that such high-end laptops utilize the plastic surface rather than textured glass.

This does not allow users to slide their fingers in pad smoothly, as most of the gamers use the mouse so they did not notice this difference.


The Asus ROG G752VM is having a skylark-generation CPU, which is on the market for a long period of time.

The laptop featuring an Intel i7-6700HQ, a quad-core CPU containing a clock speed of 2.6GHz and also having a 3.5GHz Turbo Boost.

Asus ROG G752VM performance

The CPU is having DDR4 RAM of 16GB, 256 GB SSD, all accompanied with 1 TB hard drive for all those files in which users do not need to be accessed rapidly, like photos, video files, and music.

The read and write speed of SSD is 757MB/s and 749MB/s respectively. However, it is not as fast as PCIe SSDs are. And, the read and write speed of the hard drive is 141MB/s and 135MB/s respectively.

One of the main features of Asus ROG G752VM is its Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU and this is why most of the users are excited about it.

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The company claimed that the “midrange” graphics brain is 30% faster than the last generation of the laptops.

The laptop’s 1080p resolution manages Alien Isolation at 75fps. While  the 720p resolution manages Alien Isolation at 188fps with the dropped visuals.

And manages the Thief at 70fps with all settings mixed-up and at the 1080p resolution, it manages Thief at 80fps with dropped visuals.

These laptops are found to be excellent laptops as these laptops providing 1080p gaming resolution and making the top-end games playable.

These laptops are excellent because they provide 1080p gaming resolution and making the top-end games playable.

The CPU in the machine is similar to the CPUs on all other laptops. The fan spins continuously and halts out with small pitch noise when users surf the web.

So the user can expect that these machines are having a good cooling system.

These laptops are perfect and remain silent even when users play the game continuously for 30-40 mins.

This makes it more comfortable for gamers. Because these machines can handle the heat and noise for hours.

The grille of the laptops is the main function of its cooling system. This pushes the hot air out of the laptop.

Battery Life

The drawback of these laptops is that its battery life is not going to be that much strong as it should be. However, the company did not design the 14nm CPU and all other core components for the good battery life.

If the users work on these laptops like normal PCs, the laptop battery will end in 4 hours or more.

This indicates that Nvidia and Intel have made a good effort and tried to improve the efficiency of the processors as much as possible.

If the users will watch the looped video at 120cd/m2 brightness, the laptops will remain turned on for almost 3 hours and 23 minutes. And you can expect that the laptops can last for one hour if the user plays the game.


The Asus ROG G752VM also featuring speakers and headphones plugged in instead of having internal speakers.

However, the top volume is satisfactory and also featuring a “bass woofer” driver at the bottom to support sound quality, a colored midrange makes the music and sound synthetic and affected.

Asus ROG G752VM Specs

CPU Intel Core i7-6700HQ
Graphic s Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU
RAM 16GB RAM DDR4-2400
Hard drives 1TB HDD 7200rpm
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac 2×2
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
USB ports 4 USB 3.0 port
USB ports 1 USB-C 3.1 port
USB ports HDMI and mini DisplayPort
Card Slot SDXC card slot
Speakers stereo Band & Olufsen speakers
Cam and Mic HD webcam and Digital array mic
Audio Jack 3.5mm headset jack
Dimensions 428 x 334 x 43 mm
Resolution 256GB SSD
Hard drives 1920 x 1080
Display 141dpi IPS LCD matt anti-glare

The Bottom line

Asus ROG G752VM is a tremendous gaming laptop for users who demands high performance.

Under the pressure, the laptop remains silent and does not get hot. Indicating that Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU will also be there to provide comfort to the users.

The prices of top-end style laptops including MacBook Pro and HP Spectre 13 are high. Due to an increase in their prices, the Asus ROG G752VM has earned much success.

Hower, the latest 10-series Nvidia graphic card is the only difference. The gaming performance is quite similar to that of former GTX 980M and GTX 970.

The end result is that these laptops are just perfect for 1080p gaming. The only issue of this laptop is its Textured glass trackpad. The company should pay a concentration on the sound quality of speakers.


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