Acer Swift 3 Review

Acer Swift 3 is a 14in laptop for the special persons, not those with the let free money for something wasting like a MacBook Pro, comparison to 13in small computers, Acer’s screen is an inch greater size.

Has a good feeling to the dropping price of manufacturing a small computer thin and light, the Swift 3 is not brick. No, it’s reasonably slim, light and quite pleasing.

On one side of some problems that make clear why it is only half the cost of its attention-grabbing rivals and that is a small computer.


CPU1.6-GHz Intel Core i5-8250U
Operating System Windows 10 Home
RAM Upgradable to
Hard Drive Size256GB SSD
Hard Drive Speed
Hard Drive TypeM.2 PCIe 3.0 SSD
Secondary Hard Drive Size
Secondary Hard Drive Speed
Secondary Hard Drive Type
Display Size15.6
Highest Available Resolution1920 x 1080
Native Resolution1920x1080
Optical Drive
Optical Drive Speed
Graphics CardIntel HD Graphics 620
Video Memory
Wi-Fi Model802.11ac wireless LAN
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0
Mobile Broadband
Touchpad Size 4.2 x 3.0
Ports (excluding USB)
Ports (excluding USB)HDMI
Ports (excluding USB)Headphone/Mic
Ports (excluding USB)Kensington Lock
Ports (excluding USB)USB Type-C
Ports (excluding USB)SD card slot
Ports (excluding USB)USB 3.1 with Type-C
Ports (excluding USB)SB 3.0
Ports (excluding USB)USB 2.0
USB Ports
Card SlotsSD memory reader
Warranty/Support 1-year limited warranty
Size14.6 x 10 x 0.7 inches
Weight4.4 pounds

Pros & Cons

Aluminum constructionDim display
Strong, 8th-Gen Core performanceA ton of bloatware


The most impressive version of the Acer Swift 3 is the cheapest. The Swift 3 price starts at £499 or $668.72 (currently discounted to £449 from Acer), along with  Core i3 CPU and 128GB SSD.

That cannot convince anyone, but it’s not over frequently we see all-metal laptops with Full HD IPS screens and keyboard backlights at this price.


Acer assigned us slightly more expensive Swift 3. It has a Core i5 CPU and 256GB SSD. but that is the 6th-generation Core processor.

You can see the latest model- part code NX.GKBEK.008 – which has a 7th-generation chip and price is £649.99 from Acer.

There is a 1-year warranty of all the Swift 3s and you can also return to the Acer at your own price.


Swift 3 is the expensive “all-metal” laptops and its is upgrade from the Great Acer S 13. which has a plastic lid.

The keyboard, the lid and even the silvery parts area around of the screen are all aluminum When you can use these laptops you see these laptops are all plastic.

Acer Swift 3 design

These laptops are very clean-looking, stripped-back laptop. In these laptops, there is no flashy textures or embellishments to make it directly recognizable, and the black hinge diverts from the all-metal look.

Now Acer also makes the gold version of swift 3s along with black/gold.Acer has nailed it, though.

The Acer Swift 3 remains rigid even when held just by one edge and the keyboard is remarkably functional. While the underside seam isn’t Apple-grade perfect, there are no worrying gaps. We’re impressed.

The Acer swift 3 remain hard and the keyboard is exceptionally strong. while the bottom joint isn’t Apple-grade perfect, there are no disturbing gaps. There are some of the visible signs, this is a mid-range laptop design than the higher one.

Swift 3 is a thin and light, its weight is 1.5Kg, where you can easily put in the bag and carry out all the day. Similarly, 18mm thickness is slim but not ultra-slim by current standards.


Acer is probably fit in full-size slots and connectors fairly than tiny ones that need adapters for more surfaces. On the right side of the laptop are a USB 2.0, headphone jack, Kensington lock and full-size SD slot.

Acer Swift 3 connectivity

On the left are the cylindrical power socket and USB 3.0, USB-C 3.1 and full-size HDMI ports. This is a perfect “cover all bases” array for most people. There’s no Ethernet port, but these are extremely rare in thinner models

On the left side of the laptops are the cylindrical power socket and USB 3.0, USB-C 3.1 and full-size HDMI ports.

This is excellent “cover all bases” array for all the persons. In these laptops, there is no Ethernet port.

A fingerprint scanner remains next to the keyboard and that can also use in Windows 10, while login with the pin or password.

Keyboard And TrackPad

The keyboard is also exceptionally better for the money, essentially because it is backlit. You also can easily type in dark rooms, with the sub-key LEDs that shine through every character for pressing the key.

When you can use the keyboard you can feel good too because the distance between the keys is well-defined and you can much comfortable to type for a long period of time, more clicky keys also increasing the ultra-premium models.

As seen in the Acer 13, it’s one of the most nicer keyboards ever in a mid-range portable laptop.

Acer Swift 3 keyboard and trackpad

The trackpad is one of the tell-tale signs of the expensive laptops, its surface is plastic than the textured glass.

Some of the plastic trackpads are smooth than glass, creating a sort of squeaky creak when you can change your finger direction and here you can feel like a glass. It’s fairly large too and has a solid click feel. That is similar to the MacBook pro pad.


The display of the screen is much better than the MacBook Air because it uses a Full HD IPS panel. It’s probably sharp and won’t have any problem with the contrast in any direction.

Core I series laptops are more expensive but they still use TN screens because the character display can be changed after viewing angle by just a few degrees. Contrast is perfect.

At 1051:1, it’s better than a lot of £1000+ or $1300+ laptops. The screen is much better at coping with reflections than a glossy one.

It’s not a touchscreen but it can be folded fully at 180 degrees. That is another amazing feature of the flexibility.

Acer Swift 3 screen

The major problem with the laptop is glossy display because maximum brightness is not good at 195cd/m2. Bright laptops manage 350cd/m2, so the Swift 3  brightness is quite dim.

The other major problem with the laptop is color. covering just 55.6 percent off the sRGB standard and 38.6 of Adobe RGB.

Acer Swift 3 looks absolutely attractive to our eyes, the solid resolution,  the great contrast, and the IPS panel tech.


All the version of the Acer Swift 3 has Intel Core i-series processor. In these laptop’s built-in latest Kaby Lake generation chipsets.

But the model we were assigned had the early Skylake generation rather: a Core i5-6200U rather of the i5-7200U that is available now on Acer’s website.

In Core i5-6200U a dual-core chipset clocked at 2.3GHz. These chips are used inexpensive machines and also providing excellent power and response. The i5-7200U is a 2.5GHz chip which boosts to 3.1GHz and also 15-20 percent faster.

The use of SSD rather than a hard drive is necessary for the speed of Window 10. Swift 3 feel like a slim small computer whose price is increasing day by day.

You will also see an increase in the price of cheaper Core i3 version of the Swift 3 too. The main difference between their Turbo frequency.

Our test model scored 2594 in PC Mark 8, the performance is excellent than Acer Swift 7 because this machine uses y-series processor for minimum energy and heat use.

Acer Swift 3 performance

Those laptops in which integrated graphics are used that laptops are not a good gaming machine.

When you can play a year you will adjust the resolution of the laptop at the minimum level. But if you play a game every day so you can put the dedicated chipset in the chunkier laptops and that is better for you to play the games.

At the resolution of 720p, Thief (2013) runs at 21.3fps and it is very low then the typical one. The frame rate drops down to 5.2fps with the obvious maxed at the original 1080 resolution.

However, Alien Isolation operates very fast, having an average of 29.98fps at 720p and delivering the playable game. But at 1080p.

The visuals are turned up and it operates with an average of 13fps and which is probably not good.

The users were shocked because the Acer Swift 3 stay under pressure with the less fan speed and without it the laptop becomes too hot.

Although it uses fan along with the pairs of small diameters ones too, which produces high pitch noise as the fan spins quickly but most of the time it doesn’t produce noise.

Sound Quality

The major problem of these laptops are a screen but the quality of sound have little issues. Most of the other laptops sound quality are excellent but these laptops sound quality is not good.

The voice of sound is thin, with no bass and weak mid. The maximum sound of these laptops is limited that’s why which show to be down to some of the vibrations.

The speaker of these laptops shows wider than the laptop itself that were placed on the edge of the underside.

Battery Life

Acer Promises the battery timing of these laptops is more than 10 hour of use with the charges of Swift 3 and you can use continuously without any problem.

Playing a 720p video on loop at 120cd/m2 and power of this laptop is approximately 61 percent high. That is the great performance of these laptops.

78 %
84 %
Application Performance
100 %
90 %
59 %
87 %
58 %
86 %
Games Performance
81 %
100 %
60 %
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